Segment or be Segmented: The Secret to Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is a tricky business. You want to keep your subscribers engaged and interested, but how do you make sure your messages are reaching the right people? Enter email segmentation – the key to unlocking the full potential of your email marketing campaigns. Think of your email list like a party. You’ve got a room full of different people, …

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Email Marketing = Socks (What?)

Akshat Gupta (Founder): In my experience of running one of (if not the only) the most successful email marketing agencies, I’ve easily spoken to a 110+ business owners regarding email marketing in the last 6-months alone. Everytime I speak to one, I come to understand that (almost) everyone thinks that setting up the right email marketing funnels a choice. As …

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Why you should celebrate email unsubscribes

An Email Marketing client of ours makes a rather interesting & important (yet rare) request today. The man requested for “Unsubscribe report”. Now, for all those of you who know me well, I do not really get into the numbers myself until it’s of an important campaign/monthly/quarterly goals. We usually have someone or the other handling reporting and numbers for …

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What are the key metrics for success with Email Marketing?

Welcome back, folks! I feel analysing your metrics is as important as knowing what you want in life and how far you have come. So stop and ask yourself “What exactly am I trying to achieve through email marketing?” (Personal experience: I was thinking about the answer all day!) Email marketing is a whole new ball game, there are many …

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How to Add More Value To Your Emails Using UX Design Approach

Hola! I’m back with another value drop. We all get a lot of emails every single day, most of them never get attention because they are not useful to us. Which is why emails need to provide value to their readers in order to be effective in their messaging. A valuable email user experience is what makes the customer journey …

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What Elements of Email Marketing can be A/B Tested?

A/B testing and intricacies of email marketing is our day to day routine. From an outside perspective, email marketing can seem like a breeze. However, it is not all breeze and sending messages to a list. It is so much more. There are so many strategies to implicate and understand. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, worry not. That’s where The Drip Story comes in.

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