Email Marketing = Socks (What?)

Akshat Gupta (Founder): In my experience of running one of (if not the only) the most successful email marketing agencies, I’ve easily spoken to a 110+ business owners regarding email marketing in the last 6-months alone.

Everytime I speak to one, I come to understand that (almost) everyone thinks that setting up the right email marketing funnels a choice. As if it’s something optional.

Well I love (really love) to break it to you that email marketing is as important to your D2C brand as you wearing socks under a shoe.

It’s hygiene!

How is it okay that the customers of a D2C brand receive emails after their purchase that are Shopify pre-formatted? Did you know that the only thing you can modify apart from some colours in a Shopify thank you email is just the logo and nothing else? Is that truly the experience you want to give your valued customers?

We, The Drip Story are absolute unicorns at catering to this. Slide into my DMs with your website URL, and I’d be more than happy to have someone from my team (or myself) get on a quick call with you to help you understand (or just compliment) about your store’s email flows and the kind of money being left behind on the table.
I’m sure not. But, well, I understand that getting flows that make just the right branding and communication sense can be challenging.

It’s great that today and this openly, I present to you an opportunity to not only polish the most important flows but also craft further sophisticated touch points in your email funnels that not only would result in greater customer retention, but also sales as a by-product.

Also while you’re at it, explore the website further (, I’d say we do a pretty good job at flaunting our work well.


See you!

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