Why you should celebrate email unsubscribes

An Email Marketing client of ours makes a rather interesting & important (yet rare) request today.

The man requested for “Unsubscribe report”. Now, for all those of you who know me well, I do not really get into the numbers myself until it’s of an important campaign/monthly/quarterly goals. We usually have someone or the other handling reporting and numbers for us. However, this one, really got me excited.

What happened next, gave me SO SO much perspective (and I think that’s worth sharing).

Here are 5 reasons why you should be happy (and not all that concerned) about your email unsubscribes:

1. You know know what turns em’ off

Instead of merely looking at the unsub numbers and saying to yourself “meh, whatever”, learn from the emails that have the most unsubscribe rate. Without a doubt, there would be a pattern in the emails that lead the consumer to unsubscribe.

What was the pattern in most of my client’s unsubscribe emails?

Everywhere we got gender specific (basing the email for just a single gender // eg: Women’s Day), the male audience unsubbed. Another one? Well, whenever we got too pokey about a certain campaign (sending emails about a certain grand sale multiple times), the consumers unsubbed. There could be a lot more, as an email marketer, it’s your job to keep an eye on these patterns for yourself/your clients. Stay sharp!

2. Better everything!

Folks unsubbed? Awesome! Now you have a better open rate! A better CTR, a better everything because only the people that chose to stick are in the list! Be happy that they’re gone! You now cater to a “11-less” but more intent-full audience!

As a business owner, always remember: It were the customers that showed interest in your business that got you here, not the ones that didn’t. Similarly, the fact that a LARGE majority of folks decided to stick with you, shows you’re doing well!

PRO Tip: Make sure to thank the subscribed consumers with a personal note every now and then.

(Note from the founder/basic text email) for them being there in the list and actively reading your emails) Everyones loves being acknowledged 🙂

Reach out to me on [email protected] with the subject line “Thank you” and I shall share with you a copy of this email that you could send to your clients (don’t worry, won’t charge for it :))

3. Bid them farewell 🙂

One last goodbye. This might go against the rules for so many of you, but hey, a client once told me, brands who try the wildest things, make the mark. Others just follow “trends”.

So, go wild! Once they’ve unsubbed, you technically can’t piss them off further. So, drop them another email! (Set ‘when someone unsubs’ as a trigger in your email marketing software).

I’m sure a lot of you are triggered but well, do this at your own risk! Bid them a proper goodbye and clearly mention the line that “This is the final email you will receive from us”. Make sure to also write about reasons why they should still stay subscribed and add a link to “re-subscribe”, in case they decide to! (Let me know if this works btw :p)

Subject Line Idea? Well, “These kinda goodbyes hurt, @first_name”


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