3 (Unique) Ways to ‘truly’ thank you your loyal customers

Are you looking for ways to show your loyal customers how much you appreciate their business? As India’s leading boutique email marketing agency, we know that one of the most effective ways to build long-term loyalty and engagement with your customers is to offer them something special and personalized. In this blog post, we’ll share three ideas for how you …

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How to optimise your D2C Store for MAX conversion rates

Creating a successful e-commerce store for a brand requires a combination of various elements to make the customer’s shopping experience enjoyable and convert them into paying customers. In this guide, we will outline key strategies that can help you increase your conversion rate on your Shopify store. From optimizing your website design, providing a great user experience, using social proof, …

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Why you should celebrate email unsubscribes

An Email Marketing client of ours makes a rather interesting & important (yet rare) request today. The man requested for “Unsubscribe report”. Now, for all those of you who know me well, I do not really get into the numbers myself until it’s of an important campaign/monthly/quarterly goals. We usually have someone or the other handling reporting and numbers for …

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What are the key metrics for success with Email Marketing?

Welcome back, folks! I feel analysing your metrics is as important as knowing what you want in life and how far you have come. So stop and ask yourself “What exactly am I trying to achieve through email marketing?” (Personal experience: I was thinking about the answer all day!) Email marketing is a whole new ball game, there are many …

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What Elements of Email Marketing can be A/B Tested?

A/B testing and intricacies of email marketing is our day to day routine. From an outside perspective, email marketing can seem like a breeze. However, it is not all breeze and sending messages to a list. It is so much more. There are so many strategies to implicate and understand. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, worry not. That’s where The Drip Story comes in.

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